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    Intelligent Data Logging and Acquisition Systems are widely used throughout a host of industries, including environmental, construction, education, geology, hydrology, meteorology, process management, research and many more. These are real-time and stand alone systems, enabling you to acquire, process and log your data. Parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, pH, force, 4-20mA loops and voltage are simply collected with a system.


    ALBATECH represents world-renowned manufacturers in this field and supply their complete range of products with technical support, training and programming. We also provide after-sales prompt services whenever the customer needs. Some Stand-by units are available on hire in case of emergency or before delivery of a new unit.



    Products List


      World’s leading brands of data loggers
      & recording equipment:
      DT80, DT80G, DT80M
      DT82E, DT82EM, DT82I
      DT85, DT85G, DT85M, DT85GM for
      Geotechnical, Environmental, Industrial,
      Educational, Remote and various monitoring.

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      Manufacturer of high quality measuring instruments,
      portable& industrial, for Physical quantities, covering :
      Temperature-humidity-pressure-air velocity-lux
      Acustic-vibration-air quality-wireless-multifunction-dataloggers
      Microclimate-environmental analysis & water analysis.
      Having in-house accredited calibration laboratory to maintain
      High quality of products produced.

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      Environmental Monitoring Equipment
      (GA3000 Plus, GA5000).
      Portable Biogas & Landfill Gas Analyzers.
      Fixed Biogas & Landfill Gas Monitoring Systems.
      Borehole Dipmeters.
      Methane Leak Detectors.
      Leachate, Groundwater & Condensate Pumps.
      Medical Gas Monitoring (G200).
      Air Pollution / Quality Monitors.
      CO2 Analyzers (G100).
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