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    The stability of any infrastructure or building, small or big, depends fully upon the quality of foundation it stands on. ALBATECH represents world renowned manufacturers of deep foundation testing equipment. We offer a comprehensive range of equipment in this field in the UAE and throughout the GCC region.


    Deep foundations of most High-Rise Buildings, including Burj Khalifa, and many other major infrastructures in the U.A.E. and throughout the GCC are tested by equipment supplied by ALBATECH. We provide prompt after-sales technical support, training and services by our highly qualified and experienced factory-trained geologists and engineers.



    Products List


      Pile Integrity Tester (PIT).
      Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA)
      Cross Hole Analyzer (CHA).
      Thermal Integrity Profiler (TIP).
      Angle Analyzer
      Hammer Performance Analyzer
      SPT Analyzer
      Strain & Motion Sensors.

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      Micrologger II
      Winches (Mini, Smart, 500M,1000M,2000M).
      Software – Winlogger.
      Various Probes as per customer’s application, such as:
      3-Arm Caliper, Temperature/Conductivity, Verticality,
      Natural Gama, Water Exploration, Water/Gas Sampler,
      Impeller/Flow Meter, HiRAT (High Resolution Acoustic Teleleviewer),
      High-OPTV (High Resolution Optical Televiewer) and many others.

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      Elastmeter-2 for lateral load test for soft to hard rock.
      Seismic equipment : McSEIS-3, McSEIS-SX24. McSEIS-SX48.
      Geo-electric equipment.
      Borehole geophysical equipment.

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      EXPLOFOR-3 Drilling parameters recorder, enabling during
      drilling process :
      Advance rate (depth and penetration speed)
      Rotating torque of the rotary head.
      Pushing force (thrust) on drilling bits.
      Injection pressure of drilling fluid.
      Hand augers, drill bits, drill rigs and many more.

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