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    Underground water and soil movement during construction of Tunnels, Metros and deep basement excavation, Diaphragm walls, footings and other parts of a building structure need to be carefully monitored against deformation on the ground surface, displacement and deflection in the unexcavated portion, tilting of the diaphragm or basement wall, heave at the base of the excavation and change in groundwater and piezometric pressure due to construction dewatering.


    ALBATECH represents world-renowned manufacturers of geotechnical instrumentation and provides all of the products required as well as monitoring and reporting services for any project. We were the FIRST company in Dubai to qualify and complete successfully, with our partners, the geotechnical instrumentation for the Dubai Metro project (both Red and Green Lines). Inclinometers, tilt meters, strain gauges, crack meters, dip meters, vibration monitors etc. are held in stock in Dubai to meet immediate needs of our customers.



    Products List


      Inclinometers, Tilt Meters, load cells,
      strain gauges (all types), piezometers,
      crack meters, settlement markers,
      displacement etc. for tunnels, metros, dams,
      deepbuldings foundations etc.

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      Water level data loggers & telemetry (Aquavent,
      Edge, Junior-Edge).
      Drive Point Piezometers, Standpipe Piezometers,
      Groundwater Samplers,Peristaltic pumps,
      Inertial Pumps……...
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      Dip Meters (30, 50,100,200M…)for
      Ground water level measurement,
      Water Quality Measurement.
      Automatic Meteorology Stations.
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      World’s most trusted VIBRATION MONITORS.
      Micromate – 4 channels unit.
      MinimatePro4 – 4 channels unit.
      MinimatePro6 – 6 channels unit.
      Blastware software.
      Vision – cloud based data hosting.
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      Ultrasonic Drilling Monitor DM-602/604 featuring:
      Clear & precise record of a drilled hole even in slurry,
      heavily contaminated with dirt and sand.
      Sensor device is automatically controlled to stop at casing
      & bottom of hole.
      Limit switch provided to avoid possible wire breakage or
      Entanglement,Depth range, drilled hole, date, time etc. can be
      printed on recording paper.
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      Resistivity Sounding & Imaging Systems
      (Syscal Pro Switch 48,72,96 – Syscal Kid etc).
      Magnetic Resonance Sounding Systems.
      Induced Polarization Transmitters & Receivers.
      Electromagnetic Profiling Systems.
      Data Loggers for Monitoring.
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      Ground Conductivity Meters (EM31-MK2, EM34-3,
      Metal Detectors (EM61-MK2, EM-61HH-MK2, EM63).
      Protem Time Domain EM Systems (Receivers&transmitters).
      Borehole Probes.

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