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    The structural strength or health of any infrastructure or building, small or big, depends upon the quality of construction materials used viz. soil, cement, concrete, aggregate, mortar or steel.   Before use, these materials need to be tested in a laboratory in accordance with the International Standards (BS/EN/ASTM-AASHTO) and as per Consultants/Clients specification.


    ALBATECH provides all of the necessary high quality testing equipment and accessories needed in compliance with these international standards  and to the approval of clients/consultants.  We have equipped a number of laboratories for projects at sites or commercial laboratories over the last 20 years in the U.A.E. and throughout the GCC.

    ALBATECH offers a comprehensive range of testing products including specialist mass pours of concrete temperature monitoring in real-time graphic form, thus saving considerable construction time and money for customers. Most products are available in stock in Dubai for immediate delivery.  Technical back-up and after-sales support in commissioning, training and repairs is provided by our factory trained service engineers.



    Products List


      S O I L
      CBR Testing Machines – Digital/P.Ring.
      CBR Moulds – ASTM/BS.
      CBR Moulds Accessories – tripods etc.
      Speedy Moisture Tester.
      Marshll/CBR/Proctor Specimen extruder.
      Laboratory Mixer 10L (sample preparation).
      Mechanical end-over-end shaker.
      Penetrometer – semi automatic for liquid limit.
      Liquid Limit Casagrande apparatus.
      Plastic Limit Apparatus.
      Hydrometer – soil.
      Proctor Moulds (Density-water content relationship).
      Proctor Rammers – BS / ASTM.
      Automatic Soil Compactor.
      Vibratory Compaction Apparatus.
      Field CBR test set.
      Insitu Density Tests sets.
      Bearing Compaction on sites.
      Non-nuclear soil density gauge.
      Water Permeability,
      ETC. ETC. ETC.




      A G G R E G A T E

      Large capacity Universal Sample Splitter.
      Riffle Boxes (different sizes).
      Flakiness Index.
      Los Angeles
      ACV – Aggregte Crushing value.
      AIV – Aggregate Impact Value.
      Bulk Density Measures – different sizes.
      Sand Absorption Cone & rod.
      Specific Gravity Frame (particle density).
      Magnesium/Sodium sulphate tests.
      3-Gang shrinkage moulds.



      CE ME N T

      3-Gang shrinkage moulds.
      Blaine Air Permeability app.
      Muffle Furnace.
      Vicat Test app.
      Cement – flow table.
      Air Entrainment Meter.
      Flow cone app.
      Marshall funnel viscometer.
      Mud Balance.
      Mortar mixer – manual.
      Mortar mixer – automatic programmable.
      3-gang mould 50x50x50mm
      250kn Cement Compression&flexural  frames.



      C O N C R E T E

      Compression Testing Machines 2000,3000kN.
      Flexural Testing Machines / Attachments.
      Slump test cone set.
      Concrete flow table test set.
      Compaction factor apparatus.
      Unit weight measures (different sizes).
      Straight edge.
      Air Entrainment meter.
      Concrete penetrometer.
      Concrete Pan Type mixer.
      Cube moulds (different types) 150mm.
      Beam moulds (different sizes).
      Cylinder moulds.
      Vibration table for concrete.
      Large curing tanks for cube moulds (100Nos).
      Universal cutting machine for samples.
      Grinding/polishing machines for samples.
      Capping Compound.
      Capping Vertical Frame
      NDT instruments – cover meter, Schmidt hammer etc.


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      A S P H A L T

      Marshall Testing Machines – Digital/P.Ring.
      Marshall Moulds.
      Reflux Extractors 4000g.
      Centrifuge Extractor 3000g.
      Filterless Centrifuge.
      Marshal Manual Compactor with wooden pedestal.
      Marshall Hammer.
      Automatic Marshall compactor.
      Marshall mould extruder – manual.
      Laboratory Mixer
      Isomental Heater for asphalt.
      Melting Pot.
      Core Drill Machine Petrol Driven.
      Core Bits – 50,75,100,150mm i.d.
      Travelling beam device.
      Paper rolls and fibre tipped pens.
      Bitumen Penetrometer – digital.
      Ring & Ball Apparatus.
      Non-nuclear asphalt density guage.



      R O C K

      Universal cutting/grinding machines for specimen.
      Core trimmer & cut-off machine.
      Digital Point Load tester.
      Schmidt Hammer.



      D R Y I N G  &  W E I G H I N G

      Ovens – 100, 225, 500, 700 L. capacity.
      Hot plates – round & rectangular
      Warm air dryer.
      Microwave oven.
      Muffle Furnaces.
      Weighing balances (different capacities).
      Calibration weight sets.
      Specific gravity frame + accessories.



      T E S T I N G    S I E V E S

      BS & ASTM Standard with certificate in 8”/12” 200/30mm dia frames and all mesh sizes.

      Sieve Shakers.
      Wet Washing Sieves.
      Ultrasonic Sieves cleaning machine.



      S T E E L

      UTM (Universal Testing) Machines – various
      Sizes and models for various applications.

      Multiplex machines – various sizes and Models.



      M I S C E L L E N E O U S.

      Scoops, spatulas, timers, evaporating dishes, heat gloves, Rubber mallets, steel hammers, chisels etc. etc. are available and will be quoted.

      Most products mentioned above are available ex stock Dubai.