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    Monitoring of BIOGAS and LANDFILL GAS is becoming more important these days with the rapid development of towns and cities. Mapping deeper groundwater contaminant plumes, exploration of portable groundwater resources, metal & utilities detection, measurements of ground conductivity and magnetic susceptibility within the agricultural root zone, resistivity investigation for underground structures etc. is critical in the design of new projects.


    Other environmental monitoring of parameters such as humidity, temperature, air velocity, lux, vibration, acustic, air quality, microclimate, water analysis etc. is widely required in a host of industries.


    ALBATECH represents world renowned manufacturers in this field and provides all of these instruments adhering to a wide range of industry standards complying with ATEX certification and MCERTS accreditation, giving our customers with complete reliability and peace of mind, integrate them with relevant sensors, if customers require. Full training and after-sales services are provided to back up the products we supply.


    Products List


      Environmental Monitoring Equipment
      (GA3000 Plus, GA5000).
      Portable Biogas & Landfill Gas Analyzers.
      Fixed Biogas & Landfill Gas Monitoring Systems.
      Borehole Dipmeters.
      Methane Leak Detectors.
      Leachate, Groundwater & Condensate Pumps.
      Medical Gas Monitoring (G200).
      Air Pollution / Quality Monitors.
      CO2 Analyzers (G100).
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      Manufacturer of high quality measuring instruments,
      portable& industrial, for Physical quantities, covering :
      Temperature-humidity-pressure-air velocity-lux
      Acustic-vibration-air quality-wireless-multifunction-dataloggers
      Microclimate-environmental analysis & water analysis.
      Having in-house accredited calibration laboratory to maintain
      High quality of products produced.

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      Resistivity Sounding & Imaging Systems
      (Syscal Pro Switch 48,72,96 – Syscal Kid etc).
      Magnetic Resonance Sounding Systems.
      Induced Polarization Transmitters & Receivers.
      Electromagnetic Profiling Systems.
      Data Loggers for Monitoring.
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      Ground Conductivity Meters (EM31-MK2, EM34-3, EM38).
      Metal Detectors (EM61-MK2, EM-61HH-MK2, EM63).
      Protem Time Domain EM Systems (Receivers&transmitters).
      Borehole Probes.

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