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    Structural Health Monitoring of highly-value assets (bridges, tunnels, multi-storey buildings etc) is reality now with the latest fibre-optic technologies, web-based, in real-time.  Data is continuously acquired, stored, transmitted and archived to conduct more advanced analysis and to record events relevant to the structure’s life, besides providing limits pre-set by owners.

     ALBATECH represents world- renowned Swiss manufacturer of this technology and provides full technical, installation, monitoring and reporting services. 

    Pre-condition Buildings / infra-structures Survey is essential for Metros and other major underground tunneling projects to protect the rights of buildings/property owners on both sides of the centre line.  Every part of the building is surveyed by means of crack meters, surveying instruments etc. recorded and submitted reports in a pre-agreed format as per projects specification.    ALBATECH has vast experience in this field, having carried out such type of survey on 254 buildings for Dubai Metro (Green Line).  Our engineers are  fully qualified and experienced to take up any such project in this region.


    Products List


      Fiber Optics Sensors & Laser Technologies
      Used for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) System.

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      Inclinometers, Tilt Meters, load cells,
      strain gauges (all types), piezometers,
      crack meters, settlement markers,
      displacement etc. for tunnels, metros, dams,
      deepbuldings foundations etc.

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    World’s leading brands of data loggers
    & recording equipment:
    DT80, DT80G, DT80M
    DT82E, DT82EM, DT82I
    DT85, DT85G, DT85M, DT85GM for
    Geotechnical, Environmental, Industrial,
    Educational, Remote and various monitoring.

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    Geotechnical Equipment –Inclinometers, Piezometers &
    Water Level Systems, Extensometers, Load Cells, Strain
    Gauges, Settlement Systems and Packers.

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