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    Before commencement of any construction work, it is important and mandatory to carry out Soil Investigation & drilling out of underground undisturbed samples for testing against any hazardous effects on humans as well as to provide relevant information for structural designers to know the ground condition to design and base their building load.

    ALBATECH represents world renowned manufacturer from UK and provides all testing equipment and accessories to carry out this work.   
    Core barrels, diamond tipped bits, core catcher, tungsten bits, tri-cones etc. are held in stock in Dubai for immediate delivery to customers.  Technical support in the selection of bits is available whenever required by our highly qualified and experienced geologist and engineers.


    Products List


      Coring Equipment (Core Barrels T2, T6, TT Series).
      Wireline Core Barrels+ triple tube type(NQ,HQ,HQ3).
      Surface Sets, PDC Core Bits, Impregnated, Reaming Shells,
      Plastic Coreliners and Mylar Rolls, tricone, T.C.Core bits etc.
      Single & Double Borehole Packers.

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      Dip Meters (30, 50,100,200M…)for
      Ground water level measurement,
      Water Quality Measurement.
      Automatic Meteorology Stations.

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      Water level data loggers & telemetry (Aquavent,
      Edge, Junior-Edge).
      Drive Point Piezometers, Standpipe Piezometers,
      Groundwater Samplers,Peristaltic pumps, Inertial Pumps……...]

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      EXPLOFOR-3 Drilling parameters recorder, enabling during
      drilling process :
      Advance rate (depth and penetration speed)
      Rotating torque of the rotary head.
      Pushing force (thrust) on drilling bits.
      Injection pressure of drilling fluid.
      Hand augers, drill bits, drill rigs and many more

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